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Unbelievable Crash

Nobody was injured when an SUV went airborne and slammed into a Milwaukee, Wisconsin duplex Thursday morning. The home's current tenant, who only wanted to be identified as Theo, said he felt lucky to be alive. "I was dead asleep,"… continue reading ›

Canine Caper Caught On Cam

It was a Wednesday night like any other at the Dollar General store in Shafter, California until... "This dog came in and he was really friendly, looking around," said Abby Lopez, a Dollar General employee. "Next thing we know, he… continue reading ›

Crying Doll Creates A Scare

Julie Potter thought it was going to be a quick stop to drop off clothes Monday morning at a Special Olympics donation box in Avon, Indiana. Instead, Potter ended up on the phone with 911. "I'm here in front of… continue reading ›

Are Fit Trackers Fit to Track Calories?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who wear wristband fitness trackers to monitor your exercise and health? Ever wonder how accurate they are? A study at Standford Medical Center says Yes and No. Researchers tested seven brands of… continue reading ›

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan

Columbus Police Offer, Allan Brown, resigned after a high-speed chase led to the death of a Columbus teenager and the injury of two others when dashcam video surfaced. Mallory Hagan shares viewer responses… continue reading ›

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan

J.W.Ledford, Jr. is the first person to be executed in Georgia for the year 2017. His execution started an online conversation about whether or not Capital Punishment was truly a deterrent for heinous crimes. Mallory Hagan… continue reading ›

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan

"Block the Box" legislation is set for a vote this week in Georgia and the news sparked conversation with WLTZ viewers. Mallory Hagan shares their thoughts on removing the necessity for felons to disclose their past.… continue reading ›

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced he was calling for harsher punishments on those convicted of drug-related crimes.  Mallory Hagan shares WLTZ viewer responses to the question "Will this help or hurt America?"   Follow Mallory: Facebook… continue reading ›

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