Trending Topics With Mallory Hagan

Don't Mess With Those Yellow Jackets

Residents in the Callaway Lakes Subdivision in Albany, Georgia can not walk around their neighborhood without having to worry about getting stund by yellow jackets. Dale Richter , of The Buzz Fuzz , removed a large yellow jacket nest off… continue reading ›

Vegetables and an Early Menopause

  Eating more vegetable protein could protect women from an early menopause. That's according to a new study from the University of Massachusetts. Researchers collected diet data from over 100-thousand young and middle aged females. Women who ate several daily… continue reading ›

Helping Vets Suffering with PTS

  A non-profit organization, according to an NBC health report, says it has a promising way to help vets who are suffering from injuries and who have issues like traumatic brain injury and PTSD. 'Help Heal Vets' says it's an… continue reading ›

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan

Michelle Carter was 17 when she encouraged, via text, for her boyfriend to "get back in the car" as he attempted suicide. WLTZ asks the question: Should she be charged with involuntary manslaughter? Viewers… continue reading ›

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan

Three shootings across the U.S. in one day have the internet in an uproar in regard to gun violence. Mallory Hagan shares what viewers feel during Trending Topics. Follow Mallory: Facebook Twitter Instagram continue reading ›

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