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The Dee Armstrong Show

The Dee Armstrong Show 03-03-17

It's Girl Scout cookie season and Alyssa Hunter, Danielle Edwards, and Krista Hernandez along with Debbie Caballero of Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia stopped by with tasty homemade Girl Scout cookie desserts for the…

It's Girl Scout Cookie Season

Sweet! That's what Girl Scouts think of their cookie sales. Sweet because the cookies taste good. But, even sweeter because of the adventures of being a Girl Scout. When you buy a box of delicious Girl Scout Cookies, you create…

The Dee Armstrong Show 03-02-17

Cardella Scroggins brings the 2 Times State Champions for the state of Georgia, Pretty Girls Rock, to perform on The Dee Armstrong Show and Cardella also shares how your child can enroll and join…

The Dee Armstrong Show 03-02-17

Casey Smith of PAWS Humane and certified dog trainer/behaviorist, Karlene Turkington talk about their second round of dog training classes on Monday, March 6th held at PAWS Humane.  

The Dee Armstrong Show 03-01-17

Kyla Mims and Frank G. Lumpkin IV share more on the attributes that leaders possess that makes them a leader and the importance of joining an organization like the Youth Advisory Council. 

The Dee Armstrong Show 03-01-17

Virginia Crutchfield of The Campus Academy discusses how their academy is able to identify the needs of students to effectively help students succeed and how the school incorporates Christian values within the school.

The Dee Armstrong Show 02-27-17

Dee Armstrong celebrates her birthday and shares personal pictures of herself throughout the years from high school, her first news job, all the way to the the Dee Armstrong you know and love today!

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