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Massachusetts Democrat, Senator Elizabeth Warren, is being silenced by Senate Majority Leader, Mitch Mcconnell, for quoting Coretta Scott King in opposition to the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Apparently, Warren violated a seldom-known rule by reading the thirty-year-old letter from King, where it was written that when Sessions was acting as a Federal Prosecutor, he used his…

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Senate Democrats took the floor last night and will remain talking for 24 hours straight to try and block President Trump’s controversial Department of Education Secretary nominee, Betsy DeVos. Twitter and Facebook have been on fire as constituents from all over the country watched speech after speech unfold. These senate hearings sparked two hashtags: #holdthefloor and #notodevos. Democratic senators have…

Education Secretary Nominee, Betsy Devos, nomination protests

Senate expected to confirm Devos by narrow margin today.

The Senate is poised to confirm President Donald Trump’s nominee for education secretary by the narrowest possible margin, with Vice President Mike Pence expected to break a 50-50 tie. The vote planned around 12 noon EST Tuesday will come after Democrats undertook a marathon speaking session deep into the night in a show of opposition to the nominee, Betsy DeVos….

Jeff Sessions Attorney General Nomination advances to full senate

Jeff Sessions Attorney General Nomination advances to full senate

  Alabama (WLTZ) — Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions cleared one more hurdle Wednesday on the way to becoming U.S. Attorney General, but not with a vicious party-line fight. President Donald Trump urged senators to approve Sessions and the rest of his cabinet picks so that he could start implementing his agenda. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved Sessions’ nomination, which is…

Russell County DA Praises Jeff Sessions

Ken Davis says the Senator stands for Justice

1/1SESSIONS Show Caption Hide Caption Submit Your PhotoAlabama’s Senator Jeff Sessions clears one more hurdle on the way to becoming US Attorney General. But not without a vicious party-line fight. We sat down with one of East Alabama’s top prosecutors… A man who’s known Jeff Sessions for decades. Robbie Watson reports on what this Democrat says about the Republican on…

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TRENDING TOPICS (w/ @ItsMalloryHagan)— #BoycottStarbucks is trending today. Starbucks CEO,Howard Schultz, announced that his company would commit to hiring 10,000 refugees at Starbucks locations around the globe, including in the us, and he criticized President Trump’s immigration ban. This coming at a time when #DeleteUber is also a topic of discussion. This week, the NYC Taxi Workers Alliance went on…

Auburn University President Responds to Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration

A letter from Auburn University President, Jay Gogue

An international campus, Auburn University “…welcomes students and scholars from around the world. Each year over 900 students and 300 scholars from over 80 nations participate in the Auburn experience. Through the support of ISSS, international students and scholars and their academic units of choice on the Auburn campus receive the needed immigration support documentation required for entry into the…

Petition for Trump tax returns reaches 300K

Hundreds of thousands of people sign petition asking Donald Trump to release tax returns.

(CNN) – Almost 400,000 Americans are demanding that president Donald Trump release his tax returns. They made their voices heard by signing a petition on the White House web page. Anybody can use the page to ask the White House to take action on an issue; but a response isn’t guaranteed unless the petition gets one-hundred thousand signatures. Kellyanne Conway…

115th Congress to be sworn in on Tuesday

(CNN) – A new year; a whole new look in Washington. The 115th Congress will be sworn in on Tuesday. Republicans will continue to be in charge of both legislative houses. Once president-elect Donald Trump takes office, the new congress is expected to make use of its power… tackling things like Obamacare and immigration. The Senate will be responsible for…