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It’s True. Relationships Affect the Heart.

Your Health Minute

  Relationships can affect heart health, especially in men. In Your Health Minute, the ups and downs of marriage could be linked to heart disease in men. British researchers tracked changes in cardiovascular risk factors for over 600 married fathers. Men with relationships that were ‘improving’ were linked to lower levels of bad cholesterol and lower weight. But, men in…

Resistance Training Strengthens Bones in Older Women

Your Health Minute

  Even older women benefit from weight training. In ‘Your Health Minute,”  high intensity strength training is safe and beneficial for older women with low bone mass. That’s according to a new study conducted in Australia. Just 30 minutes of resistance and impact training twice a week improved bone density, structure and strength in women with osteoporosis.   Even women…

High Ranking Officer With Ties to Ft. Benning Selected to Aid in Recovery and Restoration in Puerto Rico

The U.S Northern Command has sent Army Lieutenant General Jeff Buchanan

1/1LTG JEFF BUCHANAN Show Caption Hide Caption A high ranking army officer with ties to Fort Benning has been selected for a key role in the recovery and restoration effort in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of hurricane Maria. The U.S Northern Command has sent Army Lieutenant General Jeff Buchanan to serve as the department of defenses primary liaison to…

Soldier of the Week

SSG Jonathan Melendez of the Wester Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation

1/1SSG JONATHAN MELENDEZ Show Caption Hide Caption It takes a troop centered on excellence to win some top military awards and that’s where the Fort Benning soldier of the week comes in.   Staff Sergeant Jonathan Melendez  won the installation management command best warrior competition in 2011 as well as earning the German marksmanship and the Belgian military fitness badge…

Trending Topics with Mallory Hagan


The recent comments by President Trump that led to the NFL protests over the weekend have everyone talking. Should politics be a topic suitable for the workplace? Should employees face backlash for expressing their views? Mallory Hagan discusses during Trending Topics. Follow Mallory: Facebook Twitter Instagram

Fort Benning LTC Relieved of Command

The Army Times reports that Lt. Col. Robert Howard “was relieved for loss of confidence in his ability to command.

1/1LTC ROBERT HOWARD Show Caption Hide Caption Following allegations of sexual assault and misconduct by drill instructors, a Fort Benning commander in charge of those soldiers has been relieved of command.   The Army Times reports that Lt. Col. Robert Howard “was relieved for loss of confidence in his ability to command,” according to a statement from Fort Benning spokesman Ben Garrett….

Soldier of the Week

Staff Sergeant Rosado Ismael is the Columbus Rotary club's soldier of the week.

1/1SSG ROSADO ISMAEL Show Caption Hide Caption Young men from all over our country come to Fort Benning for their one station unit training.   That’s what Rosado Ismael did as a young private back in 2010. But now Ismael is a Staff Sergeant E-6 who has one combat deployment under his ruck sack where he earned the combat infantry…

National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center receives Another Top Honor

The National Infantry Museum Foundation president says the listing is a credit to the people of Columbus and Fort Benning.

1/1Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.43.34 PM Show Caption Hide Caption   The National Infantry Museum lands on a list of the world’s must-see military museums.   CNN travel features museums in in places like  London, Moscow, Vienna, Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris  and now add Columbus, Georgia to that list. The National Infantry Museum and Soldier Center  just outside the Fort…

1 Soldier Killed, 7 Injured in Fort Bragg Training Exercise

Staff Sgt. Alexander P. Dalida, 32, of Dunstable, Massachusetts, was killed during the exercise

1/1Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 9.07.23 PM Show Caption Hide Caption FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) — A training exercise involving demolitions killed one special operations soldier and injured seven others at the Army’s largest base, Thursday September 14th, just a day after 15 Marines were hurt in a fire while training in California. The soldiers were taken to several hospitals, including…

Soldier of the Week

SGT Lamar Anderson serving at Fort Benning

1/1SGT LAMAR ANDERSON Show Caption Hide Caption A man seeking opportunity only this country can provide left his home of Jamaica as a young man then joined the U.S. Army. Sergeant E-5 Lamar Anderson took his one station unit training at Fort Benning  back in 2012. Since then he has risen through the ranks while attending the basic leaders course…