Military News

U.S Army Marksmanship Championship

Army Sharpshooters

1/1All Army Marksmanship Show Caption Hide Caption   About 200 sharpshooters from Army installations all over the country are at Fort Benning with one mission in mind. They want to take home the title as the Army’s top marksman. Shooting straight can be essential for survival for a soldier but hitting the target at the U.S. Army small arms championship…

Fort Benning Disaster Training Exercise

Ft. Benning Exercise

1/1DISASTER TRAINING Show Caption Hide Caption Quite a commotion on Fort Benning Wednesday which required a full scale deployment of emergency first responders. Training centered around a flaming chemical truck accident on route 27 not far from the armor training area. It affected the entire installation. Keep in mind, this was a military exercise not a real emergency. The disaster…

Best Ranger Competition Training

Ranger Competition

1/1BEST RANGER TRAINING Show Caption Hide Caption Fort Benning has some of the best trained soldiers in the world and some have the title to prove it. First News was on Fort Benning to learn more about the best ranger contest taking place at various army installations around the world. Some of the Best Ranger Competition events like repelling and…

Fort Benning Chaplain Decorated For Bravery

Hero Chaplain

1/1CPT MATTHEW CHRISTENSEN Show Caption Hide Caption The army has chaplains to administer to the spiritual needs of soldiers. But in a rare case , one Army chaplain is compelled to serve soldiers in another way, by saving lives. Fort Benning Army Chaplain CPT Matthew Christensen was awarded the Soldiers Medal for subduing an intoxicated homicidal soldier threatening to kill…

Ft. Benning CSM Change of Responsibility

Ft. Benning CSM Change

1/1Command Sergeant Major William Pouliot Show Caption Hide Caption Command Sergeant Major Kevin Floyd has passed responsibility as the Ft. Benning Garrison CSM to Command Sergeant Major William Pouliot. The military ceremony took place in the historic Regimental Room at the Benning Club on Post. The new Ft. Benning Garrison CSM, Command Sergeant Major Pouliot, has vast combat experience from…

Soldier of the Week

Outstanding Soldier

1/1SFC PHILIP HUESTIS Show Caption Hide Caption After 20 years in the military a Fort Benning military police soldier has quite a collection of accolades. Sergeant First Class Philip Huestis has served state side and overseas, over achieving while on assignment in places like California where he helped catch poachers and then even overseas where he trained security personnel in…

West Point Cadets Test New Weapons

Fort Benning Weapons Test

Senior Cadets from the United States Military Academy at West Point are testing firing weapons and equipment systems they are making for potential use on the battlefield. Cadets enrolled in the Civil and Mechanical Engineering department perform a year long design project which is a graduation requirement. The projects are tested in collaboration with several units at Fort Benning such…

Fort Benning Prescribed Burn

Prescribed Burns

1/2PRESCRIBED BURN Show Caption Hide Caption 2/2IMG_2689 Show Caption Hide Caption No one should intentionally set the woods on fire. But this happens often at Fort Benning. Fire control specialists are deep into the backwoods at Fort Benning burning underbrush at a rapid rate. Before the year is done the land management bureau at Fort Benning hopes to burn 37,000…

Veterans Lottery has Stalled in Georgia

Veterans Lottery

Lottery lovers will have to wait longer for a so called veterans lottery to be up for a vote in the state of Georgia. State Senator Ed Harbison tells first news a Veterans Lottery proposal has been tabled at the statehouse so it can be fine tuned. The bill would have allocated proceeds from a veterans lottery to fund things…

Trump Chooses H.R. McMaster As National Security Adviser


President Trump appointed Lt. Gen. H. R. McMaster as his new national security adviser on Monday, picking a widely respected military strategist known for challenging conventional thinking and helping to turn around the Iraq war in its darkest days. Mr. Trump made the announcement at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he interviewed candidates over the holiday weekend to replace Michael T….