Health: New study shows, too much protein may be bad

New report finds that women over 50, who eat a high-protein diet, could have a greater risk of heart failure.

A healthy diet should go heavy on lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates with limited amounts of fat and sugar, but a new study shows that too much protein could be bad for you, especially for women over 50 years old.

 This new report indicates that women over 50, who eat a high-protein diet could have a greater risk of heart…

National Scout Award given to the Late Rex Milner

The William H. Spurgeon III Award for the Medical Explorer Post at Saint Francis Hospital

1/10Rex Milner Long-time Saint Francis Hospital employee and leader of the facility’s Medical Explorer Post is posthumously awarded the William H. Spurgeon III Scouting Award. Show Caption Hide Caption 2/10The William H. Spurgeon, III Exploring Program Award The Exploring Program’s highest honor is presented posthumously to Rex Milner, a long-time Saint Francis Hospital employee and leader of the Medical Explorer…

Valentine’s Day is also National Organ Donor Day

National Organ Donor Day

February 14th is not only Valentine’s day, a time to court favor from your sweetheart, its also National Donor Day. National Donor Day was established to bring awareness to what a heart and organ donations can do to save lives. Donate Life, the national non-profit alliance of organ procurement organizations, and Marco’s Pizza have partnered to raise awareness about this…

7 Georgia Locations To Host #PhoebeHeartWalk

The event aims to promote healthy living for heart health month

1/2Workers at Phoebe OB-GYN and Associates wearing red heart walk shirts Workers at Phoebe OB-GYN and Associates wearing red heart walk shirts in support of Heart Health Month and the 1st Heart Walk & Run. Show Caption Hide Caption 2/2Sumter County Trophy Trophy given to the organization with the most walkers in Sumter County location. Show Caption Hide Caption The…

Warning about Suspicious Calls.

Georgia Health Department warning

The Georgia Department of Health is receiving complaints from residents of Georgia and some other states about suspicious phone calls. Many of the questionable calls come from what appear to be a Georgia DPH phone number. DPH’s Inspector general says, they don’t know the real reason for the calls or what the caller is truly looking for. They do know…

Teens use e-cigarettes for ‘dripping,’ study says

(CNN)One in four teens who vape say they’ve used e-cigarettes for an alternative technique known as “dripping,” new research finds. Dripping produces thicker clouds of vapor, gives a stronger sensation in the throat and makes flavors taste better, according to a study, published Monday in the journal Pediatrics. “This study is the first systematic evaluation of the use of dripping…

Hydration stations set up across east Alabama

EAST ALABAMA (WLTZ) — After a long night up or a long flight, our bodies can become extremely dehydrated. This can cause us not to perform or function as well as we should. This is why physicians across the nation are becoming more and more interested in hydration station, including in east Alabama. Dr. John Tole, an allergy and asthma…

Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Handy

Cervical Cancer Awareness with Dr. Kendall Handy

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. In the wake of Erin Andrews’ shocking announcement of her battle with Cervical Cancer this fall, WLTZ’s Mallory Hagan caught up with Dr. Kendall Handy, OBGYN, of Midtown Medical Center for health and screening tips. For further information on Cervical Cancer, visit click here.

Fidgeting for your health

Previous research has shown that sitting for an extended period of time at a computer or during a long airline flight reduces blood flow to the legs, which may contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease.