Fewer Poisonings due to Better Nicotine Packaging

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Fewer young people being poisoned by nicotine. In Your Health Minute, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio released the results of a new study. It showed fewer kids are being exposed to a liquid nicotine now that containers are required to have child resistant packaging. But, researchers say more needs to be done to prevent potential poisonings.. They suggest adding flow…

Effects of E-Cigarettes on Teens

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Could e-cigarettes be a gateway drug to marijuana? In Your Health Minute, E-cigarettes pose a different kind of danger to adolescents. A new study found teens who began vaping at a younger age were more llikely to try marijuana than those who were older. Experts say laws that restrict teens access to e-cigarettes could have an added benefit of decreasing…

Study: Night Owls Have Increased Risk of Heart Disease


1/1Study: Night owls have 10% higher mortality risk. Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – The early bird gets the worm and the night owl gets a heart attack. At least, that’s one possible implication of a new study out on people who keep late hours. The study, published Thursday in the journal ‘Chronobiology International’, actually address all sorts of health…

Effect of Anesthesia on Children

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Anesthesia given only once in childhood doesn’t appear to have lasting effects.     In Your Health Minute, A Mayo Clinic study finds anesthesia does not affect the intelligence of young children. Researchers tracked nearly one thousand kids who underwent general anesthesia before the age of three. They had similar I-Q’s than their peers who did not have anesthesia. However,…

Harvesting Organs from Overdose Deaths

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Doctors study using organs from overdose deaths.   In Your Health Minute, organs donated from overdose deaths could help reduce the national organ shortage. A new Johns Hopkins study tracked nearly a half million transplant surgeries over the past two decades. It showed patients with organs donated from overdose patients had similar outcomes to those with organs from other donors….

Different Political Views, Same Quality of Care

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Democrat and Republican doctors have different beliefs but offer the same quality of car. In Your Health News, The political divide  in this country is wide, but, a new study suggests party affilation among doctors does not affect their quality of care for terminally ill patients.   Harvard University researchers compared the end of life care and treatment decisions of…

Strawberries, Spinach Are Dirtiest Fruits, Veggies


1/1Make sure you wash fruits and vegetables before eating them! Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – Strawberry season is upon us, but before you indulge in the sweet treat be sure to wash them well. For the third year in a row, strawberries have topped the “dirty dozen” list from the environmental working group. Researchers with the non-profit, non-partisan group…

Teach Babysitters How to Put the Baby to Sleep

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  Crib death, or sudden infant death, happens more often under the care of a baby sitter. In Your Health Minute, New research reveals a baby’s risk of sids is higher when under the care of a babysitter, relative or friend. The study of over 10 thousand infant deaths showed babies were more likely to be placed in unsafe sleep…

Using Emergency Rooms for Routine Care

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Parents using emergency rooms instead of pediatricians. In Your Health Minute, Emergency room visits are much more common among children living in low income neighborhoods compared to their more affluent peers. A new study from the University of California, San Francisco looks at the health records of more than 47-thousand pediatric patients. Children living in neighborhoods considered low opportunity were…

Eat Your Veggies

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Make sure Grannie eats her veggies. In Your Health News, eating lots of veggies may help protect older women from heart disease. That’s according to a new Australian study. The biggest benefits coming from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli , cauliflower and cabbage. Researcher found elderly women who are more of these veggies had less thickness of the carotid arteries in…