Rural Hospital A-Fib Patients More Likely to Die

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  Outcomes for rural and urban hospitals can drastically differ for A-fib patients. In Your Health Minute, Patients with atrial fibrillation may be more likely to die when admitted to a rural hospital.   That’s according to a new study from Emory University. Researchers reviewed hospital admissions in 44 states for patients with A-fib, the most serious form of an…

Study: Eating Cheese Daily Is Good For You?


1/1New study shows that people who ate small amounts of cheese daily had lower risk of stroke & heart disease. Show Caption Hide Caption (CNN) – Good news for cheese lovers; a new study indicates that a little bit of cheese might actually be good for you. It found that people who ate small amounts of cheese daily were less…

Raw Cookie Dough and E-Coli

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  Raw cookie dough is source of some e coli infections. In Your Health Minute, raw cookie dough is making children and adults sick. Just last year, the FDA investigated an outbreak of E-Coli infections caused by eating or handling raw dough. Food Safety experts say the culprit is flour. Flour is derived from a grain that comes directly from…

Children Eating Edible Marijuana that Looks Like Candy

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Children ingesting their parent’s edible marijuana and becoming ill. A new study finds an increase in children accidentally ingesting edible marijuana products. Researchers at U-C San Francisco say the symptoms of intoxication can be vague and diffiult to diagnose. That’s why they are urging ER doctors to order drug tests for children who show possible signs of THC poisoning, like…

Steroid Injections can Cause Bone Death

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  Is the pain relief worth the consequences of steroid injections? In Your Health Minute, steroid injections to relieve hip pain may increase the risk of bone death and collapse. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital reviewed X-rays from osteoarthritis  patients who received a hip steroid injection. Within nine months nearly one quarter of the patients showed signs of bone death…

More Children Identified as Developmentally Delayed

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Growing number of developmentally delayed US kids.   In Your Health Minute, A new government study finds more children in the US are being diagnosed with a developmental disability. Researchers say nearly seven percent of children had some sort of disability in 2016 up from five and a half percent in 2014. The increase was mostly due to developmental delays…

Scarlet Fever on the Rise

Researchers say they don't know what's causing the outbreak

1/2 Show Caption Hide Caption 2/2 Show Caption Hide Caption Medical researchers are seeing a mysterious rise in cases of Scarlet Fever across England and East Asia Scarlet Fever is a bacterial disease that usually affects children and produces a bright red rash covering most of the body. It also develops in some people with Strep Tthroat. In a report…

Most Women Want a Mammogram Every Year

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  Women have a preference when it comes to how often they have a mammogram. In Your Health News, As the debate about mammogram frequency continues, most women say they want to be screened every year. Some medical groups recommend bi annual , or every two year mammograms for older women to prevent anxiety from false positives and unnecessary biopsies….

Massage Envy Facing Over 180 Allegations of Sexual Assault

1/1 Show Caption Hide Caption The largest massage franchise chain in the country is facing allegations of sexual assault. Dozens of women say they were sexually assaulted at Massage Envy locations by male massage therapists, including one alleged victim who went public Monday with her traumatic story. Tara Woodley made an appointment at Massage Envy this September in Washington, D.C….

Arthritis is More Common Than Predicted

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Arthritis more prevalent than reported. In Your Health Minute, arthritis is much more common among Americans than previously thought. Researchers at Boston University say current estimates are only based on doctor diagnosed arthritis. But when they included patients with chronic joint pain estimates were 68 percent higher. The prevalence of arthritis was especially underestimated among people younger than 65. The…