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Is Your Child’s Car Seat Installed Properly

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  Parents still not installing those car seats properly, according to some experts. More than half of forward facing car seats are not installed properly. A new study from Safe Kids worldwide found 64 percent of seats were not attached using the top tether. The  crucial strap prevents a car seat from pitching forward in a crash or sudden stop….

Exercise Helps Patients Deal With Asthma


Exercise and good food improve the quality of life for asthma patients. In Your Health Minute, diet and exercise can help people with asthma feel better. A new Danish study followed  150 asthma patients who were not obese. People who did regular exercise and followed a high protein, low sugar diet had significantly wheezing and shortness of breath. They also…

Major Advances in the Treatment of Cancer


  Advances in cancer research have improved the prevention, detection and treatment of the disease. That’s according to the 7th annual cancer progress report released today. In the past year and a half, the F-D-A has approved at least nine new cancer therapies. But, two of them immunotherapy and precision medicine are changing the way doctors treat the disease. They…

Americans Worry About Getting Cancer


Americans worry about getting cancer. Despite a lot of progress, a new survey reveals more than half of Americans worry about getting cancer. In fact, researchers at the Mayo Clinic say 95 percent of adults take at least one action hoping to avoid the disease. About three quarters said they avoid smoking, limit alcohol or eat a healthy diet. Women…

Talk with Your Doctor Before Taking Herbal Supplements


Some natural herbal supplements can land you in the hospital. In Your Health Minute today, a reminder that natural herbs and supplements are not always safe. Doctors in Australia report a 67-year-old man developed cyanide poisoning from apricot kernel extract. He had been taking two teaspoons a day for the last five years along with another herbal fruit supplement containing…

Researchers Study How Football Drills Affect Youngsters


Which football drills cause the most physical damage to young players? A new study sheds light on which practice drills may be risky for young football players. Researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center measured the head impacts suffered by nine players during one season of practice. The largest number of blows occurred during contact drills with multiple players. But,…

Smell test for Parkinson’s Diseae


Simple smell test can help predict Parkinson’s Disease. It’s Your Health Minute. A simple smell test could help identify people at high risk for Parkinson’s Disease. Researchers from Michigan State University asked a group of older adults to identify 12 common odors like cinnamon, soap and gasoline. People with a poor sense of small were nearly 5 times more likely…

A New Test for Parkinson’s Patients


It’s Your Health Minute. Scientists in Australia have created a drawing test that can diagnose the severity of Parkinson’s disease.   They asked a groups of Parkinson’s patients and healthy volunteers to draw a spiral on a computer tablet. Using special software they calculated a score based on writing speed and pen pressure. The test could identify which patients had…

No ATV’s for Kids Under 14 in Massachusetts


Fewer children being hurt in ATV accidents in Massachusetts In Your Health Minute today, a Massachusetts law limiting the use of all terrain vehicles by kids and teens has significantly reduced the number of injuries. New data shows a-t-v related e-r visits and hospitalizations among children dropped 41 percent after the law was passed in 2010. The legislation restricts a-t-v…

Green Spaces in Big Cities Help Kids with asthma


Living near a park has health benefits for inner city kids with asthma.   Inner city children with asthma suffer less often if they live near a park. Researchers at Johns Hopkins asked parents how many days their child had shortness of breath, chest pain or wheezing over the past two weeks. Children had one extra days symptoms for every…