10 Year Old Brings Loaded 9mm to School

5th Grader Arrested at Reese Road Elementary for Possession of a Weapon


School officials say a real tragedy was averted here at the Reese Road Leadership Academy after a student tipped off educators a 5th Grader came to school armed with a loaded gun.

 A ten year old packing heat. That’s what teachers at this East Columbus Elementary school were greeted with at the beginning of the school day

“The gun was brought from home. It was loaded. That the student who was in class with him saw it, she reported it. Immediately our staff responded appropriately our security team was advised as were law enforcement.”

The gun was a loaded 9 mm and was confiscated without incident according to Police who promptly charged the youngster as a juvenile for felony possession of a weapon in a School Safety Zone.

Superintendent David Lewis tells First News the incident is a commentary on today’s culture.

“Well as I always say schools are microcosms of society so what ever is happening out in the community is going to happen in schools good or bad and I’m just so thankful that the young lady did what we always advise our students to do which is if you see something, tell something.”

The question everyone is still asking. How did a 10 year old gain access to a loaded gun?

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