Attorneys decide which Autopsy Photos Shown at Trial

Rufus Burks is on Trial for Killing Upatoi Family


Defense attorney Jennifer Curry says evidence shows Rufus Burks, the lone defendant to stand trial for the triple slaying of the Short family never physically took part in the bludgeoning deaths

of Gloria Short, her teenage son Caleb Short and her granddaughter Gianna Lindsey.

The state doesn’t have to prove he physically killed them , only that Burks was “a party to the crime” which means he was no innocent bystander.  

His co defendant Raheem Gibson testified earlier this week he personally witnessed Burks tie up Caleb Short.

Jevarceay Tapley , a longtime friend, treated like family by the Short family was the ringleader and killer.

Burks who was 15 at the time of the crimes also faces a 10 count indictment including malice murder punishable by life without parole for participating including burglarizing the Short’s home and the charge of kidnapping for accosting Caleb Short at his front door.

Judge Gil McBride expressing concern in the jury’s absence  about the number of graphic autopsy photos that will be introduced at trial in particular what he referred to as post incision photos.

The State argued they are necessary to show when three people are brutally beaten to death.

Burk’s defense attorney said their fatal injuries could clearly be seen without multiple photographs.

Prosecutors saving one of the most powerful witnesses for last. The State’s Medical Examiner who will describe in graphic detail about exactly how each victim suffered and died.



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