Scholar Athlete: Northside High School Rifle, Jerad Lewark

Not many teenagers know what they want to do when they grow up let alone know what they want to major in when they get to college. Jerad Lewark didnt fit into this category. He had is mind set on aeronautical engineering and knew Northside high school would be the best fit in preparing him for it.

“I’m in the magnet program here at Northside, which I’m not zoned for Northside, so I get to come here on a hardship and my grades need to be high and I had to get multiple recommendations from teachers and a principal in middle school in order to come here,” says Northside high school junior Jerad Lewark.

And he proves he is a good fit for the program with a 4.23 grade point average. He’s also on the varsity rifle team at Northside practicing eight months out of the year, sometimes five times a week.

“Sports and academics come hand in hand because you have to keep your grades up to shoot and then shooting also takes away from time studying, but you just have to stay up and get through it,” says Lewark. 

He hopes to take his talents of shooting to the United States Air Force Academy to train to be a fighter pilot.

“I just loved flying ever since I was little and I just feel like I could protect my country by flying a jet which would be awesome,” says Lewark. 

Congratulations to Jerad Lewark of Northside high school this weeks scholar athlete. 

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