Beware of Buying Counterfeit Tickets to An Auburn Men’s Basketball Game

The Auburn men’s basketball team is ranked in the top 10, the first time in nearly 20 years. So, you can imagine, tickets are going for a high price and scammers are looking to take advantage of that.

Sold out games and a big one Wednesday against Texas A & M. Scammers are going to try to rip you off during these games, something the ticket counter has seen more this year than ever before.

“Counterfeits are going to be more prevalent for games sold out, so buyer beware,” said Stephen Naughton, Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing and Operations.

If you buy third party, stick with trusted websites.

“Any late release tickets we have like if a recruiting staff turned in some, or our players didn’t use there full allotment, we have ReplyBuy and if you sign up early you can get some late ticket releases. So, those two options, StubHub and ReplyBuy are great options,” said Naughton.

Also, be cautious of people selling tickets on social media.

“If you are ordering from someone off of social media, make sure the tickets are legitimate. Make sure there’s no misprints or the images aren’t blurred. That’s a common sign of counterfeit tickets. You can call the will call window and make sure they are valid tickets,” said Kelvin Collins, President/CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving the Fall Line Corridor.

Flaunt your great tickets on Facebook, and your seats can be stolen over the internet.

“If consumers think they are getting the perfect ticket and show them off on social media, be careful. Make sure that the barcode is covered. Someone can see those tickets and copy the barcode and put it on a counterfeit ticket and when you show up to the game you’re not allowed in the door because someone else already got there using your ticket and they are in your seats,’’ said Collins.

Also, if you buy a ticket from a scalper, they suggest walking up to the ticket window before making the exchange. That way the ticket counter can scan the ticket and make sure it’s legitimate.

Most of the scalpers out there are people they’ve seen before. The city issues a tag that validates that they are
able to sell a ticket. But, you never know if *they* were sold a fake ticket. So, just be careful and walk up to the window or call the university to make sure that ticket is legitimate.

Know the website and never wire transfer money. If you are ordering from a third party site, know what the companies polices are. Do your research before giving your credit card information and do not wire transfer money because with your credit card you have certain protections that you don’t with other means of payment. The SEC has a place that fans can exchange tickets, the university has a place where fans can buy tickets, StubHub makes sure you get your tickets but just be cautious when you are on a third party site.

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