Woman filed Complaint about Predator Cop Weeks Ago

Phenix City Patrol Officer Eldrick Kennedy Charged with Rape

Eldrick Kennedy was fired from the Phenix City Police Department and charged with Rape 1st Degree after Investigators say he raped a woman who was handcuffed in custody.

Kennedy detained the victim in response to a shoplifting call at the Piggly Wiggly. Sheriff Heath Taylor said the five minute ride to the County Jail turned into an hour according to Police logs.

The officer was terminated and taken into custody on the maximum $60,000 bond. Kennedy is being held in the Lee County Jail.

Those stunning allegations come as breaking news to everyone but the women the ex cop encountered on the beat including Nancy Bell who says she filed a complaint just two months ago.

“It wasn’t until I opened up my computer and saw his picture and was like that’s him. That could have been me but more importantly it was that poor woman. This could have been avoided.”

Nancy Bell says she called police two months ago after a contract dispute.  Phenix City police officer Eldrick Kennedy responded. When she went to thank him his demeanor dramatically changed.

“When I put my hand out he embraced me and he started to kiss my neck. I tried to break away and his grip was strong I couldn’t and finally. Now I’m thinking I’m kinda backing up going God did this really happen? Don’t make a big scene. Did this really happen? And as I’m backing up he’s walking towards me right in my front yard and he just looked me up and down and uh when he asked how old I was you know it was you’re so sexy, you’re so fine as he’s staring at my breasts.”

And what happened next even more shocking when she filed a complaint about Kennedy’s behavior directly with Assistant Chief Gail Green.

“As I’m saying what happened and again crying she’s reading and she looked up at me and she said never happened. I said what? She said it never happened. I said what do you mean it never happened. She said his body camera was on. I said well great then you heard the conversation. You heard how inappropriate he was. She said No, it never happened.”

Police Chief Ray Smith says the Department did investigate Bell’s complaint but could not corroborate her story at the time of the incident. They will be looking closely at her case again in light of recent events. Chief Smith said it’s an ongoing investigation.

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