Opelika City Council Vote “No” to Liquor Sales Before Noon on Sunday

The Opelika City Council says “no” to liquor sales before noon on Sundays.

Although Auburn city leaders have already voted to move forward with efforts on that “brunch bill”, just down the road, it was defeated because of religious concerns.

Opelika City Council members voted it down 3-2.

The City of Opelika will not be seeing earlier alcohol sales in their restaurants anytime soon.

City council members voted that down. Their concern: it takes away from the meaning of Sunday.

“From a religious standpoint, Sunday and Sunday morning is a day for church and Sunday school and I think they had concerns about that. Alcohol sales infringing church time up until Noon on Sunday,” said Mayor of Opelika Gary Fuller.

“I wasn’t overly shocked, but I am pretty disappointed it didn’t pass,” said Graham Hage, owner of Zazus Gastropub in Downtown Opelika.

Hage said when Auburn passed it, they were pretty confident Opelika would too.

“You should be able to choose what you want to do. You made a choice of where you want to eat you should be able to have a drink at 10 a.m. if you want to,” said Hage.

He says the vote could hurt business in Opelika.

“We’ll see how if people want to have a drink at 10 a.m. and go to Auburn instead of stay in Opelika. We will see how that plays out,” said Hage.

But, there could be a movement toward a referendum, which Hage said he is fully behind.

If that happens, the vote goes to the citizens of Opelika and on the ballot in November.

Then, the people can decide if that bloody mary or mimosa can be served at an earlier time.

“Some merchants will feel like there’s a disadvantage with their competitors in Auburn if there were earlier sales if I were a merchant and doing a brunch business I’d feel the same way. I trust the council and I trust the people in Opelika. If there is a referendum, the citizens will make the right decision,” said Mayor Fuller.

If the Opelika measure does go forward as a referendum, remember, it’s only for restaurants.

Grocery stores and liquor stores will not be affected by the change in times for liquor sales.

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