THURSDAY: Roads in Lee County Still Icy, Stay Off if You Can

Day two of icy conditions in Lee County and emergency personnel are still urging people to stay off the roads.

Accidents all over. Officials say people are just driving too fast in these conditions.

“Please stay home and do not be on the roads. I think the majority of people heeded that warning, but we did have a lot of folks attempted to travel and didn’t make it to their destinations. Speed was probably the primary factor in these accidents and stranded motorists,” said Lee County Sheriff Jay Jones.

An 18 wheeler overturned on Highway 169 and Lee Road 175.

“In a lot of the shaded areas the sun hasn’t melted the ice, so you have to be careful riding down the road because the ice is pretty thick and you can lose control very easily,” said Jerry Clark, Firefighter for Salem Volunteer Fire Department.

Sheriff Jones said since 6 a.m. Thursday morning, they’ve worked more than 25 accidents weather related and equal number of motorist assists.

Wednesday the same thing. Thankfully, though, no serious injuries. But, we still aren’t in the clear. Temperatures are going to drop again, which means driving conditions will still be dangerous.

“Even if they do have to drive, slow down period. That’s the main thing. Avoid hitting your brakes, following to close to another car, watch your speed and drive in 2nd gear and keep your speed around 20 miles an hour. You can travel through some treacherous areas with that, but please don’t go out unless it’s absolutely critical,” said Sheriff Jones.

They are sanding the roads to make them safer for drivers and ease some of the conditions, but again, if you can for one more day, stay home and off the roads.

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