Bring Your Pets Inside During Frigid Weather

Snow conditions also mean lower temperatures. Those frigid temperatures are dangerous for people and animals need protection, too. So, some will be bringing pets indoors. Or, make sure, outside pets have proper shelter against this cold blast.

‘’If you’re cold, they’re cold. Bring them inside. I know a lot of people think my dog has a lot of fur, there are a few cold weather breeds that are better to adapt, but most of our animals here have problems around 45 degrees,“ said Mary Wynne-Kling, Outreach and Development Coordinator with the Lee County Humane Society.

But, if your dog is strictly an outdoor dog, then you need to provide them a dog house that’s insulated.

“They need to have access to proper shelter, which will be an appropriate size dog house for breed and size, some bedding, some hay, some straw, some wood chips to keep them warm, if the bedding gets wet pull that out and freshen it up,” said Krista Weldon with Auburn Animal Control.

They also suggest turning the dog house where the wind and rain does not blow into it.

Also, before leaving for work or taking the kids to school in the morning, bang on your car to make sure there are no stray cats hiding inside.

“When the weather gets cold, sometimes stray cats will climb into the engine compartment of cars to get out of the cold weather, to get out of the wind. An easy thing to do to make sure our furry friends are ok, is tap on the hood of your car, firmly, before you start it first thing in the morning, that will scare any stray cats that decided to take refuge there and get them out before you start your car in the morning,” said Wynne-Kling.

If you live in Columbus, the city just passed an ordinance that if the weather reaches a certain temperature, you must bring them inside.

Young and old animals are more susceptible to hypothermia. When your dog is outside, keep an eye on them. If they appear lethargic, or are shivering and shaking, they might have hypothermia. Wrap them in a blanket and call your vet right away.

If you’re keeping your dog outside, they do discourage using heat lamps because those can start a fire.

Weldon said when a pet dies because of cold weather, it’s usually because the owner doesn’t realize what the pet can and cant handle. But, it is still considered animal cruelty if this happens under your watch.

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