Auburn City Council Sends “Brunch Bill” to Alabama State Legislature

The “Brunch Bill” has been a topic in the Auburn City Council for the past year now.

Can they move the time up to sell alcohol in restaurants from Noon to 10 a.m.

In Tuesday night’s city council meeting, they voted 6-3 to send the measure to the Alabama State Legislature.

Some city council members though did oppose.

The three council members that voted nay are not in favor of alcohol sales on Sundays and say it takes away from the meaning of Sunday.

The “Brunch Bill” is something local restaurants like The Hound and The Depot have been hoping for, for quite sometime now.

“People come here to celebrate victories or graduations and so forth and a lot of that is during brunch and that takes away from the opportunity to raise a glass and toast to the occasion,” said Scott Simpson, Chef and Co-Owner of The Depot.

For The Hound and The Depot their brunch on Sunday’s start around 10 a.m. They said it leads to questions when their customers have to wait a few hours to order a drink.

“Saturday’s and Sunday’s are very busy with business. Saturday’s they come right in order a mimosa or a bloody mary and it’s not a problem. But, on Sunday, it’s a constant thing, people walking up, trying to order something and especially during football season when we have a lot of out of towners, we even have to put a sign up and people still ask. It’s a constant barrage. So, it leads to confusion, disappointment,” said Matt Poirier, owner of The Hound, Co-Owner of The Depot.

The City has received no complaints about the measure. And local businesses owners say it’s long overdue.

“Brunch on Sunday is huge and the cities clinging to these outdated policies is shrinking and Auburn doesn’t want to be one of the last ones hanging on to that. We have too many people coming to town,” said Poirier.

The Auburn/Opelika Tourism Bureau also wants the change.

“What was brought up last night, it’s confusing and hard to advertise tourism when you have that and some cities in Alabama you can do it and some you can’t and people come to Auburn and they aren’t expecting that type of regulations,” said Buston.

If the Brunch Bill gets a thumbs up n Montgomery, council would then need to give final approval before changing times for Sunday liquor sales.

This request to move alcohol sales from noon to 10 a.m. is for restaurants only.

Liquor stores, grocery stores and bars are still going to be required to sell at noon on Sundays.

Over in Opelika, The City Council tabled the “brunch” resolution until the meeting on January 16th. So, no decision yet.

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