Auburn University & UCF Fans Come Together to Pack 20,000 Meals for Hungry Kids in their Communities

Despite Auburn’s loss, something very good came out of that Peach Bowl experience.

Auburn and Central Florida fans teamed up to feed hungry children.

“We partner with organizations like Chick- fil-A to host projects for people to come together and volunteer and give back,” said Meaghan Crump, Talent Manager for Feeding Children Everywhere.

The organization “Feeding Children Everywhere” is based in Orlando.

Their goal: activating a hunger free world.

Auburn University fans had a table set up to pack 10,000 meals and University of Central Florida same thing. So, that means 20,000 meals going to food banks in Orlando and Auburn to feed hungry children in both those communities.

“It’s a good healthy competition. Fans can see how many meals each table is packaging and when they see when they are behind, they package more. It’s nice to see people come together whether UCF or Auburn to package food for those in need,”said Crump.

Laurie Almand and her daughter said it was a great opportunity to be able to serve while also having fun.

“We wanted to hop right in and help and we love to give back to the communities where we went to school,” said Almand.

This also gave kids an interactive way to help their community.

“I helped all the Auburn kids get food,” said Hallie Almand.

Hallie added this task made her feel very happy.

“Because I’m helping out other people who don’t have food,” said Almand.

To learn more about Feeding Our Children Everywhere, visit

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