Welcoming Dr. Steven Leath as Auburn University’s 19th President

Auburn University’s 19th president on the job for less than one month, now.

Dr. Steven Leath wants to accomplish many things as Auburn University’s 19th president, starting with academic success.

“Auburn has done an incredible job with undergraduate education and we certainly want to make sure that is maintained or enhanced. We have a 91% freshman retention rate we like to see that stay the same or go higher so students come first.”

Former president Dr. Jay Gogue was known as the “student’s president.”

When Dr. Gogue handed over the reigns to Dr. Leath, he stressed that advice to Auburn’s incoming leader, “always put the students first.”

“He’s right. So, we put the students first and continue to have that great Auburn experience,” said Dr. Leath.

Dr. Leath spent the majority of his career as an agriculture researcher before moving to administration as a vice president at the University of North Carolina.

Dr. Leath also wants to grow research and scholarships at Auburn, things he says he was able to do in his last position, 5 1/2 years as president of Iowa State University.

“We built so much enthusiasm for the school that we saw the demand for Iowa State education grow at exponential rates. We drove down student debt, increased demand, set records for fundraising, records for research, it was a very exciting and fun time at Iowa State,” said Dr. Leath.

The same kind of enthusiasm Dr. Leath said he’ll use to build Auburn’s reputation here and abroad.

“Auburn is a hidden gem, and I’m going to take great pleasure in being the number one advocate for Auburn, our faculty, staff and students and sending Auburn’s message all over.”

Dr. Leath and his wife of 36 years, Janet, have settled in at Tiger nation and are excited to be a part of this new family.

Leath and his wife will also help students move in during move in time to get a chance to meet incoming freshman and their families.

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