One Man Charged With a long List of Crimes

Quincy L Tolbert charged with numerous smash and grab robberies

The Burglary Theft Unit of the Columbus Police Department arrested 38 year old Quincy L Tolbert.

Tolbert is a suspect in a large number of crimes that plagued the Columbus, Georgia area.

Columbus Police investigators have charged Quincy Tolbert in a series of Smash and grab burglaries.

After extensive investigation, police have charged Tolbert in the following cases:

17-012050            2126 Buena Vista Road                 Family Dollar
17-012319            910 Brown Avenue                         Piggly Wiggly
17-012703            2510 Wynnton Road                       Walgreens
17-014206            3201 Macon Road                            Publix
17-015250            2126 Buena Vista Road                 Family Dollar
17-015452            2300 Wynnton Road                       Rite Aid
17-016151            2510 Wynnton Road                       Walgreens
17-016603            2510 Wynnton Road                       Walgreens
17-016817            2126 Buena Vista Road                 Family Dollar

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