Alabama Fans Fill Lobby of SEC Media Days



Alabama fans gathered at SEC Media Days on Wednesday to see the players and most excited to see Coach Nick Saban.

“I just want to see Nick Saban,” said Paige Braswell. “Personally I’ve never seen him before.”

“I’d like to meet Nick,” said  Nick is so cool.”

When you’re born in Alabama you have a decision to make: Auburn or Bama. You won’t find orange mixing with crimson down here.

“I grew up back when we were losing to Auburn every year back when I was living in Montgomery for 17 years,” said fan CJ Williams. “I can’t explain the feeling in the household against, you know among all of us guys.”

Every fan has a story but not every fan is named after their infamous rally cry.

“They all call me ‘Roll Tide Ron’. It was funny how that went,” said Ron Shead. “I was actually cheering for Sherman Williams who was getting ready to go in and I said Roll Tide Sherman and he looked back and said what was your name and I said Ron and he said Roll Tide Ron so ever since then they’ve been calling me that.”

Fans say Media Days is the official kick-off to the season and they’re excited for football to finally return to The Capstone.

“You just can’t wait for the first game so this gets you in the mood,” said Johnnie Stillwell. “Next thing’s Fan Day and then after Fan Day it’s the first game so we’re excited.”

Fans have high expectations for Alabama but regardless of the outcome they will always roll with their team.

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