Rapid Response to South Columbus Residents Without Water

Caleb Walsh says he will invest "hundreds of thousands" into the Mobile Home Park

The plight of these South Columbus residents left without water after a property sale struck a chord with the community.

New Parkwood owner Caleb Walsh tells First News he’s here to rescue the people.

“And I’m going to do what I do in all parks. I come and I fix failing properties and what that means is I’m going to put a lot of money. When I say a lot of money hundreds of thousands of dollars into this park.”

Big promises from the new property owner who says he showed up for an 11th hour sale and went to work immediately to get water restored.

Walsh tells First News Parkwood residents will notice changes immediately.

“I think our voice was heard because the new owner showed up.”

“I actually met with my landscaping crew this morning. They already have an assignment to chop up that tree. They’re going to save the grounds here.

We’re gonna inspect everything down from the water, the electricity, go through and I’ve done this in many other parks that were in similar situations. We go through an itemized check list to make sure this is quality living that I wouldn’t  mind living in and that’s the standard if you can’t do that you shouldn‘t be offering rentals.”

And he says he’ll start that checklist within the next 24 hours. Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News.


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