Back to Back Murders in Same Columbus Neighborhood

Detectives unsure if Homicides are related or involve Gang Activity


Gang violence has been implicated in a string of recent high profile incidents. A mall shooting, an honors student gunned down at her front door, allegedly the wrong target and now another rash of deadly incidents, back to back homicides at the same location.

Local law enforcement stopped short of calling it gang related but did say it’s an issue.

“The County Jail keeps track of them and I think the deputy on the witness stand said there was something like 400 people in the County Jail if I’m not

mistaken that belong to gangs so you know you do have gangs in Columbus, Georgia and anybody who looks the other way is just fooling themselves.” MAJOR SLOUCHICK

The latest victim dead from a single shot to the head, identified  as 23 year old Glen Holland Adipi. Police are unsure if the two incidents are connected.

“To say they’re related would not be appropriate at this point in time. We’re still looking into that. I can’t say they’re not can’t say either way.”

They can say they need the public’s help.

“What we need is we need the people in the Community that know what happened that saw what happened to come forward and say something. We had an individual¬† out there last night that was trying to persuade the people in the neighborhood to come forward.”

Police say it will be difficult to build a case without the neighbor’s help and that they will need the public’s input to make an arrest in this latest incident.

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