Sheriff: Gun Bill is Bad Legislation

Bill to eliminate Permit for Concealed Carry breezes through Senate

That Bill eliminating the permit requirement to carry a concealed weapon here in Alabama overwhelmingly passed the Senate this week.

Still, local law enforcement officials are holding out hope it dies in the House.

“I don’t know any other law enforcement associations in the state that can stand up and say like they all have this is a public safety issue and it’s a bad law.

Every one of those organizations has said this is a bad piece of legislation so you got 28 Senators who think that they know more about public safety than

all of those people in those associations.”

In addition to those Senators in favor, the bill is backed by the NRA putting law enforcement at rare odds  with gun enthusiasts.

“It’s very unique in the sense of every person I know in law enforcement we all are. That’s just not what this is about this is a public safety issue.”

With just 11 working days left in the session, lawmakers anticipate that bill will come up for a vote the first week in May.

Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News.

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