Four shot in less than 48 hours

Crime Spree in same South Columbus neighborhood where Nightclub Demolished

Just this Monday the City celebrating a very public move to deter crime with the demolition of a notorious South Columbus nightclub

Since then just blocks away four people have been shot in 48 hours.

Two gunned down at Elizabeth Canty Apartments, one man shot in the face but survived at another apartment complex nearby and the latest victim

identified as 39 year old Marion Davon Ralph shot dead in an abandoned church parking lot right across the street.

“Everybody’s coming together to try to build up this community and the last 2 or 3 days you got people that want to tear it back down. It’s sad.

We need to change our ways. We need to start loving each other and cut this mess out in this community. Enough is enough.”

Detectives don’t believe the incidents are related at this point and call the recent rash of shootings in the same South Columbus neighborhood

purely coincidental.

“We’ve got back to back shootings calls before. We’ve got back to back stabbing calls before so to say it’s out of the ordinary probably wouldn‘t be a

true statement”

The city has touted recent data that shows crime in Columbus at a 10 year low but the exception to that Uniform Crime Report is homicides. They are on t

he increase. This latest incident marks the 7th murder in Columbus this year.

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