Students Record Fight for Fun

Northside Incident second this Week in Columbus

There was a time when kids went behind a school, settled a score, and moved on with their life drama free but technology has changed all that.

Now the incidents are staged and promoted then posted , exchanging humanity for hits.

The latest example here at Northside High School.

Dozens of students gather in the parking lot, taunting and cheering, one girl even shoving to start the action but not before whipping out their cell phones

to tape the fight for fun.

“These cell phones which have access to the Internet, camera capabilities, video capabilities they can change a child’s life, an adult’s life. They can change

all of our lives in a matter of seconds.” Valerie Fuller

Principal Marty Richburg tells First News candidly he doesn’t have any answers because he doesn’t understand the phenomena noting the enormous

power of a cell phone. But the District says this is an issue that starts at home.

“I keep reiterating this that this has to be a partnership because the school district is not the one that’s buying the phones for the children who are using

them inappropriately. It has to be that parent partnership.”

A stern warning from the District tonight too especially for those graduating Seniors.

If caught participating don’t expect to walk and they could also wind up in a court of law squaring off with a Judge.

Robbie Watson, WLTZ First News

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