Is the IRS Calling You?


Millions of Americans have been getting an official sounding phone call. This is what the robo caller is saying to them,”The reason for this phone call is to inform you that the IRS is filing lawsuit against you.”

Only it’s not the IRS. It’s a scam. Unfortunately so many Americans are falling for it, the scammers are making a lot of money.

They threaten to come to your job or your home with an IRS warrant to put you in jail , unless. Unless what? Unless you send money on a green dot card right away.

It’s almost impossible to trace those cards. Once you know it was not the real IRS, your money is gone.

So the FCC is considering changing it’s rules. It could give phone companies permission to block some of the calls because , according to a recent NBC report, “the FCC says Americans are actually being bilked out of 2.4 billion dollars every year.

Some people report getting the calls two or three times a day.

Don’t fall for it says Ajit Pai, FCC Chairman. He says, “In many cases they are scammers who are outside of our borders and so they end up using a fake number that appears to an American to be somebody they might know or a US government agency.”

If you get a threatening call from someone claiming to be the IRS hang up. Then call the official IRS phone number yourself that is listed on Tell them what happened and they’ll let you know if you have tax troubles. And in most cases they will work with you to get it paid.

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