U.S Army Marksmanship Championship

Army Sharpshooters


About 200 sharpshooters from Army installations all over the country are at Fort Benning with one mission in mind. They want to take home the title as the Army’s top marksman.

Shooting straight can be essential for survival for a soldier but hitting the target at the U.S. Army small arms championship at Fort Benning’s McAndrew range may seem almost as important.

This all army event includes more than 200 competitors from the active army, reserve, national guard, west point, and the reserve officer training corp, the best shooters the army has to offer.

The contest includes overcoming conditions on the range which are not always ideal. There’s a stiff breeze it was quite cold some days.

Might be plenty of pressure here but for most of these soldiers this day is full of fun.

It sure beats being back at their units with the normal training routine and even better if they win and bring home to their buddies bragging rights as the best marksman in the army.

There’s a few more rounds of shooting yet to go. We will let you know who ends up on top.


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