Troup County First Graders Learn How To Make Music


Troup County School System first graders are learning and making music thanks to a grant from KMMG via SAE International.

A World in Motion takes Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to lowers grades.

Students use tuning forks to strike a covered bowl with shallow water on top of wax paper to make music.

“Students are able to experience the process of hearing a sound while answering many of their own questions through collaborative group work and experiments,” said Hollis Hand Elementary First Grade Teacher Veronica Longshore. “We conducted several experiments where students were able to lead discussion on how sound is created and how it travels. The end result is to create their own instrument with an assortment of sound requirements.”

To be successful, the student’s instrument must make three different sounds, the sound has to be in tune, and the music must be heard from across the room.

“These activities are great for the young minds because they are engaging the students while using Quad D learning,” said First Grade Teacher Jennifer Dudley. “They are creating, analyzing, applying, and even evaluating their learning in a group environment. They can then assess themselves and correct what is needed in real-time.”

The Music Makers Unit helps students learn about sound and music as it relates to STEM.

The basic STEM principals includes how sound travels, conducting experiments and designing instruments.

The goal is to introduce STEM ideas early in learning so students can continue building knowledge and interest in these concepts as they move into upper grades.

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