Monopoly ditches the “thimble” token

Monopoly getting rid of the "thimble" game piece.

(CNN) – Monopoly players are giving the thumbs down to the “thimble” game piece.

After votes from four million fans, Hasbro has decided to ditch the thimble in new board games.

The thimble has been around since 1935.

But other pieces might go too.

Hasbro isn’t revealing what will replace the thimble, or the final results of the vote, until March 19th.

In case you were wondering, a thimble is a hard cap worn on the finger or thumb to push needles through hand sewing.

This isn’t the first time people have voted out a Monopoly game piece.

In 2013, the company held a “save your token” contest.

In that case, the “iron” was replaced by a cat.

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