Columbus Woman kills Intruder

SSG Christopher Warden Shot Entering Apartment

According to witnesses here Army Ranger Christopher Warden came to the Armour Landing Apartments in a rage early Sunday

perhaps expecting to find his wife and step daughter in the company of another man.

Police say he found the wrong apartment instead.

“The original call to the police was that there was a burglary in progress and that there was a male subject outside attempting to get into the apartments.” Captain Gordon Griswould said.

SSG Warden, possibly under the influence, ignored multiple pleas to stop shattering a window to gain access.

“The witnesses knew it was the wrong apartments but at the time for whatever reason unknown to me he just wasn‘t listening to any of them.” Griswould said.

The 54 year old female inside visibly distraught fired a single shot in self defense killing the 31 year old.

“The homeowner was not injured but she was pretty upset about the situation. She was very nervous. She didn’t want to have to do what she did. It was a tragic incident.”

Police say a Georgia law commonly known as the Castle Law protects homeowners from prosecution.”

“Now once they’re in your house the law allows you to use that deadly force to protect you or others inside the house”
The 31 year old Staff Sergeant reportedly served multiple deployments with the 75th Ranger Regiment based here at Fort Benning. They issues a brief statement saying Warden will be missed.

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