University of Alabama students react to championship loss

Tuscaloosa, AL (WIAT) – For the first time in 35 years, the Clemson Tigers are College Football’s National Champion.

The Crimson Tide couldn’t hold them off during the final seconds of the game.

University of Alabama students gathered at the student center and watched as Clemson made the final, game-winning goal.

There were cries of disbelief, shock, anger and then silence.

A lot of students at the ferg were freshman and said they still are proud of the Tide’s season.

But they’re in shock by the way it ended.

Katie Lehr: “It was just a moment of shock where I was like, did that really just happen, I thought it was a bad dream or something. It wasn’t. I had a moment where I was like, that didn’t happen. That’s not true. But then-there it was.”

Lehr said that as disappointed as they are, they haven’t lost their faith in coach Nick Saban and expect to be back at the championship game next year.

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