Scholar Athlete: Harris County basketball player, AJ Coker

With a 6’4" frame, AJ Coker is used to getting attention.
"I’ve always been the tallest kid and everybody always sees me and says oh you have to play basketball," he said. "I just laugh and it’s always been a normal thing for me."
The Harris County senior is an up and coming name according to his head coach. His hard work ethic in the off-season has earned him a starting spot on the Tigers varsity squad. It hasn’t been easy getting to this point, but he now knows what it takes to succeed.
"Just determination really," Coker said. "You gotta, keep your mind set and even if you have a bad game or something, you just gotta keep your mind in it and put it behind you."
Coker takes that motto to the classroom. He has a 3.79 GPA and is involved in students standing strong. As a busy student athlete, he knows the importance of maintaining high marks on and off the court and isn’t afraid to put some pressure on himself to make sure those high marks stay.
"I’ve always pushed myself to be the better athlete and student as far as everything goes," said Coker.
The future is bright as he has a lot to look forward to after graduation. He’s hoping to continue his basketball journey at Chattahoochee Valley Community College over the next two years to continue his love for the game.
"It’s just a really good feeling and that’s something I’ve always strived for since I started playing basketball," he said.

Along with playing basketball, Coker plans to study physical therapy.

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