Locals talk presidential election results

By: Dorothy Sherman


LEE COUNTY, AL – A rolled Toomers Corner could be seen in Auburn as Donald Trump supporters Tuesday night celebrated a huge victory.

The victory, Trump’s win in the presidential election.

"I’m happy with the outcome, and I’d like to see them do away with electoral votes, though.  It’s so unfair you know to the peoples running, but I”m waiting for the change and see if it’s going to change," Valley resident Johnny Corlew said.

In Alabama, Trump garnered over 1 million votes.

Though winning the state, some, like Salem resident Matthew Wingate who voted for Trump said this election was a difficult one to vote in.

"I didn’t really care for either candidate, but I picked who I thought would do the best job as president not even looking at the political party, because that doesn’t matter, in my thoughts.  I like a few liberal ideas and a few conservative ideas.  I like some of both," Wingate said.

Not all Alabamians said they’re happy about Trump’s win.

Montgomery resident Martha Jordan said she’s concerned about the county’s future.

"When I woke up this morning I just see post after post after post of friends who are black women of color who are LGBT who are just terrified.  What’s already they feel pressure from the people around them.  What’s going to happen?  Are we just going to have to move them out so they literally can’t live here anymore," Jordan said.

She said it’s a frustrating feeling.

However, the majority of people WLTZ came across in east Alabama Wednesday said the presidential election results are great.

And, how the country might change with Trump as president is something that only time can tell.

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