New Auburn High School construction on time

By: Dorothy Sherman

AUBURN, AL –  The new Auburn High School sits on Samford Avenue.  It’s a 350,000 square foot facility that will house a preforming arts center, two gyms, and a three story academic wing with cooperative learning in mind.

“There’s some areas in the academic building, as we’re calling it, where kids have cooperative area spaces in the hallways outside of their classrooms,” Auburn City Schools Superintendent Dr. Karen DeLano said.

In that same wing, you’ll find future core curriculum classrooms. 

Career tech, art, and music classes will also be in the wing with rooms built as what Dr. DeLano described as “store fronts”.

“There will be ways to watch kids work … so the kids can watch each other work,” Dr. DeLano said.

The 101 acre property that the new school sits on will provide more athletic space.

Tennis courts and Dr. DeLano added band will have they’re own space designed for them.

“I’m most excited that the softball field is on site … it’s the first time I believe in Auburn High School history that … the girls have had a field on site,” Dr. DeLano said.

The construction project has spawned some learning opportunities.

Dr. DeLano said there’s a group of high school students that have been doing stories on the progress of this build for the school’s "Tiger TV".

She also said teachers have been participating in a professional development series about how to transition into a new school and make good use of the space.

Auburn City Schools officials said Tuesday that construction is on schedule and is to be completed April 28, 2017.

The move to the new school they said will happen over the summer.

The old high school will then transition to house 8th and 9th grades. 

The junior high will be renamed and house 7th grade.

Drake Middle School will house 6th grade.

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