East AL officials show support and discuss confusion over proposed Amendment 2

By: Dorothy Sherman

EUFAULA, AL – On Monday, state and local officials and leaders gathered at the Lakepoint State Park to show support for Amendment 2 and clear up confusion over the proposed amendment.

"For the first official communication from government to go out to voters .. to have the language wrong .. that is not how we wanted to start this discussion," Alabama State Parks Director Greg Lein said.

The communication Lein referred to would be the Amendment 2 language on absentee ballots initially sent out by the Secretary of State’s Office.

He said he found out about a month ago that the language was missing some parts.

"The incorrect ballot language didn’t have the first two paragraphs.  All it had was the paragraph about concession agreements for the parks," Lein said.

What he described as a "human error", he said has now been fixed to include the correct language.

It was something he discussed Monday while state and local leaders showed their support for the amendment.

"It’s important that we support amendment two for this park, our town, this region of Alabama and the state," Eufaula Mayor Jack Tibbs said.

"Since 2012, 15 million dollars had been transferred out of the state parks which has caused some of the state parks to … only open a few months out of the year," state legislator for district 28, Senator William Beasley said.

Lein said the correct ballot language for Amendment 2 has three provisions.  One that protects state parks’ money, one that caps the money at a certain level, and one that provides for and clarifies when concession agreements can be done at state parks.

As for the confusion he said that initial communication may have had some voters thinking the amendment is an initiative to privatize state parks, but he said that’s just not the case.

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