Twitter video leads to flood rescue

Cumberland County, NC (KXAN) Late Saturday night, Craig Williams of Austin, Texas learned his brother’s house in Cumberland County, North Carolina was filling with water.

"There was water just pouring into his house, and so my parents get this text from him, and I think he literally said like ‘I’m almost drowning,’" explains Craig.

His brother, Chris Williams, was stuck in his attic with his dog, trying to escape the flood. "We called local emergency services, the fire department and nothing would go through," said Craig.

After repeated calls to 911 and local emergency personnel in the area, neither Chris nor Craig could get through to anyone. That’s when Craig started looking on Twitter, where he came across a drone photo of a flooded neighbor. He jokingly sent it to his brother Chris through Facebook messenger.

"Just trying to give him a laugh, I said ‘hey man at least you’re not this guy.’ I had no idea," explains Craig.

It was his brother’s house in the photo.

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