Deadly delays in care continue at Phoenix VA

(CNN) – The Phoenix VA Medical Center still has major problems.

That’s the conclusion of a new report by the VA inspector general.

You may remember the Phoenix VA Medical Center was the focal point of a 2014 scandal that ignited reforms intended to fix the healthcare system.

According to the report released Monday; the VA inspector general found that 215 patients died with appointments still pending in the medical center’s database in 2015.

The report concluded the delayed care directly contributed to a patient’s death.

Over the past two years, the inspector general issued six reports calling on VA officials in phoenix to address mishandling of scheduling and other forms of mismanagement, but Monday’s report concluded, "these issues remain."

The report found that patients continue to encounter delays in care due to administrators not appropriately reviewing appointment requests, not rescheduling canceled appointments, and in some cases, even misplacing lab results.

The VA’s inspector general attributed some of the issues at the medical center to staffers’ confusion over policies and procedures.

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