Scholar Athlete: Northside pitcher, Sidney Mathis

Nearly ten years ago, Sidney Mathis broke her arm while cheerleading.  That injury caused her to re-think her extra curricular activities.
"I decided to change sports completely and I started to play softball and I’ve been doing it ever since," said Mathis.
It’s a decision she doesn’t regret since softball has become a big part of her life. But that arm she broke years ago is being used now more than ever as she uses it on a daily basis to pitch.
"It’s just great having a team like Northside High School to back me up on the field and it’s just a great experience," she said.
This season, Mathis has helped the Patriots to a 1st place region finish in the regular season.  She has a .404 batting average and a 5-0 pitching record that includes more than 25 strikeouts.  She has also pitched two perfect games in her career.  It’s a lot of pressure being a senior pitcher for a yearly playoff team, but Mathis enjoys it.
"Sometimes it’s difficult and stressful but other than that I couldn’t imagine playing any other position full-time," she said.
That’s a good thing since Mathis is nowhere near being done on the mound.  After receiving her first offer two years ago, more have come in.  She’s currently undecided as to where she’s going to go, but is excited to know softball is in her future.
"Whenever I get a phone call saying that I have to make a decision, I’m going to make it. I have a really good idea. I’ve loved it for the past four years of school and all my life," Mathis said. "It’s just gonna be a great experience."
Softball isn’t the only thing Mathis will be busy doing next year.  Following her involvement in the anti-bullying club at Northside High, Mathis is hoping to make an impact on hate crime investigations by studying forensic science.

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