Scholar Athlete: Shaw volleyball captain, Kianna Greene

Kianna Greene’s love for volleyball started on the sideline.
"In middle school I was the manager for the volleyball team and so seeing volleyball, I really wanted to get into it," she said. "So I learned the skill and tried out my freshman year and made it."
Fast forward a couple of years and Greene is now a senior captain on the Shaw Raiders squad.  Her love for the game has only gotten stronger.
"It was my first time really being a part of a team and I really like the team effort and coming together and accomplishing a common goal," she said.
The goal to do well each and every game and the Raiders have certainly done that.  Their success didn’t come without hard work though. The majority of these girls used this summer to join the Tsunami volleyball club to improve individually and as a whole.
"A lot of the girls on my team we wanted to get better and that’s what kind of happened and got our season to be better," Greene said.
The Raiders are 22-9 on the year as of Thursday, September 29th and are eager to extend that season even more.  But for Greene, volleyball is just a small part of who she is.  She’s a student athlete, holding a 4.4 GPA, the title of senior class president, and is involved in numerous clubs.  Her resume is quite extensive but she does have one shining moment.
"I won state in the state of Georgia for a writing competition in rhetorical essay and so that accolade was one of my favorites," she said.
After graduation Greene plans on going to college in Florida, improving on her skills as a writer to become an English teacher.

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