Protesters demand Tulsa officer’s arrest

Tulsa, OK (KJRH) Activist group "We The People Oklahoma" is demanding change following the shooting of an unarmed man by Tulsa police.

Video showing Terence Crutcher’s death was released Monday.

"After watching the video, I just sat there on my couch and just cried," We The People Oklahoma organizer Marq Lewis said.

We The People Oklahoma is demanding the Tulsa Police Department put Officer Betty Shelby, the woman who fatally shot Crutcher, behind bars.

"We need accountability, we need transparency and we need it today," Lewis said. "Right now, we need for them to arrest Betty Shelby."

The community activist group is calling for the case to not be handled by the local government, specifically the District Attorney’s office. They’re also calling for every officer to wear body camera’s, which are currently not mandated.

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