Seattle Children’s to open gender clinic

Seattle, WA (KING) For the first time in Washington state, transgender kids entering puberty will have a clinic they can go to for coordinated care.

When the Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic opens next month, it will be only the 5th hospital in the country to do so. Doctors there have already been offering some of these services, but this new clinic will be coordinated care for transgender youth.

Tai Jordan has been seeking treatment at Seattle Children’s for about three years. The 18-year-old was born female but identifies as male, and is now on cross-gender hormone treatment.

He says a simple visit to the doctor can cause great anxiety in transgender youth.

"You’re looking for care, and you don’t know if these doctors are going to be inclusive, or wondering if these doctors are going to out you, or say the wrong name in the waiting room, or use the wrong pronouns," said Jordan. "If you have a gender clinic that is specifically for gender identity and for you, you feel more in charge of your healthcare."

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