Game of the Week preview: Lee-Scott at Glenwood

Lee-Scott Academy and Glenwood; two AISA schools who have quite the history as rivals.

For the Glenwood Gators, they’re 2-0 on the year under new coach Jason Gibson. He’s enjoying the perfect start but is even more excited to finally play at the swamp.

"I’mve never been here I mean for a home game," Gibson said. "So I’m excited for it, I know it’s gonna be all orange all everything. So I’m excited, I know the kids are excited, and it’ll be fun."

But coach Gibson says there’s still work to be done on both sides of the ball and if they want win number three, four, and so on, they need to get better.

"My goal is to play a really quality team and compete and continue to compete and get us to where we need to be in November, not September."

But this Friday’s game brings a little revenge out of the Gator players. They were shut out by Lee-Scott last year. It’s an outcome they’re hoping to vastly change. Running back John Burnett feels just like that after sitting out last year.

"Just to sit out and see my team take that type of loss, it wasn’t a good feeling so it’ll be a good feeling to beat Lee-Scott," Burnett said.

But the Warriors may have something to say about that. They’re 1-1 on the year and have been adjusting well to the loss of a lot of starters from last year.

"To say we’re rebuilding is a pretty in vogue term this year," said head coach Robert Maddox. "We’re still making some of those youthful mistakes that you’ve got to get corrected when you’re playing a good 2-0 football team so we’ve gotta get corrected if we think we’re gonna win."

And these players just don’t want to win, they really want to. In fact, quarterback Turk Pettit says a loss is something that just can’t happen. Plain and simple.

"Showing up at school after you lost to Glenwood it’s just sad," he said. "The whole school is just sad and deflated after you lose to Glenwood. We should get the win but they’re a good team and we’re gonna have to show up and play and it’s not gonna be easy."

This Friday’s game kicks off at 8pm.

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