Authorities warn of jury duty scams

By: Dorothy Sherman

MONTGOMERY, AL – In a press conference Thursday, U.S Attorney for the middle district of Alabama George Beck, Jr. warned of jury duty scams and said technology hacks are playing a role.

"Those identities get thrown out there in the other world .. they’re sold .. you’re identity your phone number .. your address .. your name it is sold to other people so that is how you are contacted," Beck said.

U.S. Marshal for the middle district Tom Hession said scammers make phone calls pretending to be a deputy or U.S. Marshal.

He said they even go as far as giving a badge number.

"Then they go and tell them they’ve failed to appear for jury duty and that a process, a warrant or some kind of judicial documents been issue for them to be arrested and they say they can not be arrested if they come up with the fine," Hession said.

In Lee County, court officials said they occasionally come across people who have received similar phone calls.

The phone caller said they’ve missed jury duty and will send deputies after them or the caller will pretend to be someone from court saying they need to post bond, but these are all scams.

"A juror is summoned to duty by mail and if someone needs to get you and put you in jail that person will appear personally," Beck said.

Hession added the money scammers demand for ranges from a couple hundred dollars to thousands.

If you think you’ve come across what you feel is a jury duty scam you can call the U.S. Marshals at 334-223-3094 or notify your local law enforcement agency.

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