The gloves are off in Phenix City race for Mayor

By: Robbie Watson

COLUMBUS, GA (WLTZ) — Just three weeks away from local elections in Phenix City and the gloves are off in the Mayor’s race.

Eddie Lowe said his athletic training came in handy during the campaign season.

"When you’re an athlete and you are preparing for an opponent, you focus on what you do,” he told reporter, Robbie Watson. "You don’t focus on what they’re doing or what they’re saying.”

Lowe’s opponent, Jerry Barbaree responded.

"Well we’re not playing football. We’re running a business. I have 38 plus years experience doing that.”

The former, human resources director said Lowe and the Phenix City Council could also use a lesson in people skills.

"I look at the Council and I see there is no cooperation. They don’t get along with many people in town. They don’t get a long with the contractors, the builders. We’re not business friendly." Barbaree said.

Mayor Lowe said, "People who say that we’re not moving in the right direction or we’re not growing or we’re not having some prosperity, they just don’t want to see it.”

The Mayor and his challenger did agree on one thing and that was the good people of Phenix City deserve a solid leader.
Which brand the voters like more, would be decided on Tuesday, August 23.

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