Aflac public speaking workshop held for young girls with Girls Inc. of Columbus

By: Leah Uko

COLUMBUS, GA (WLTZ) — Shaky voice. Sweaty palms. Forgotten words. These are all changes that happen to many people’s bodies when they’re about to speak to a room full of strangers—teenage girls are no exception.

On Wednesday, Aflac, along with Girls Inc. of Columbus held their second annual Bold Moves Summer Program,

which included a workshop on speaking skills.

The panel, which included professional women working in media, public relations, medical field and the fine arts, shared their experiences with speaking in front of large crowds.

The teenagers and pre-teenagers learned how to control their nerves using different calming techniques such as breathing and stretching.

"It’s not really that hard,” said 15-year-old Shaw High School student, Santana Farley.

"You just have to calm down and do it. Because there’s somebody that needs to hear you and they need to get that message from you. And if you’re not capable to do it, then how are they going to get the message?”

Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications at Aflac, Catherine Blades said the skills the girls learned at the workshop, they would be able to use for the rest of their lives.

"Eventually you’re always going to have to speak in front of someone,” Blades continued. “So it’s very important that you learn early how to do it correctly."

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