Bodybuilders choose Phenix City as a place to compete

PHENIX CITY, AL (WLTZ) — They spent countless hours in the gym working out and in the kitchen preparing healthy food. And on Saturday, bodybuilders in Alabama got to show off all their hard work.

The Body Be 1 Classic bodybuilding show was held at Central High School in Phenix City.

More than 60 male and female competitive bodybuilders traveled from around the region to do this show. This was the ninth annual competition and the only bodybuilding show hosted in the central Georgia, east Alabama area.

The event’s organizer and owner of Body Be 1 gyms, Roland Huff said the registration had gone up every year since the first show because people had become more health conscious.

“We call it reintroducing yourself to yourself because you find out why it’s so important to eat certain foods at certain times and how it makes the body function, how it makes it changes, why is it so important to to have ‘x’ amount of water, why is it so important to have ‘x’ amount of sleep,” Huff told WLTZ First News anchor, Leah Uko. "You really get to be reintroduced to yourself and make yourself better.”

Bodybuilder, Raynier Chafauros placed first in a few of his divisions. Chafauros, who has Type 2 Diabetes, said bodybuilding helped him improve his health dramatically.

“I would say anybody can do it. Anybody can do this,” he continued. “If you put your mind to it, you can do it. We all make time for things we want in life. I work on the ambulance all day. As soon as I get off, I go straight to the gym. There’s no excuse.”

WLTZ’s Leah Uko was the emcee of the event. Leah is also a competitive bodybuilder, but took the stage Saturday night to announce the winners.

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