Cruz responds to “Lucifer” insult

(NBC News) Ted Cruz is telling the people of Indiana they can be game changers.

"I could not be happier to have this race decided using the Midwestern common sense, the good judgment of Hoosiers," the Republican presidential hopeful said while campaigning Thursday.

The Hoosier State may be the last chance for Cruz, who’s trying to create buzz and momentum with his new running mate Carly Fiorina.

Unfortunately, Cruz isn’t getting much love from former House Speaker John Boehner.

When asked to size up the candidate at a Stanford forum, Boehner described Cruz as "Lucifer in the flesh" and "a miserable son of an (expletive)."

Cruz, in turn, dismissed Boehner as Donald Trump’s golfing buddy, saying "If you’re happy with John Boehner as Speaker of the House and you want a president like John Boehner, Donald Trump’s your man."

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