Green gadgets save energy & money

(NBC News) Today is Earth Day. An annual event to spread awareness for environmental issues.

And our habits at home can have a big impact.

New smart devices can help cut down on energy use and costs, even after you leave the house.

Heating and cooling account for a majority of our energy use.

Smart thermostats can save money and energy by automatically adjusting settings.

"The really neat thing about the nest smart thermostat is it learns your patterns as well as you can create a schedule for when you’re home or when you’re away," said Andy Mattifield of Best Buy.

The mistbox can also improve air conditioning efficiency.

It uses solar power to create mist that helps an a/c unit cool the air…. While also qualifying for a federal tax credit.

Smart sprinkler systems can conserve water…

Rachio not only schedules watering… It can monitor and adjust based on the weather

"they’re not going to over-water your lawn the sprinkler systems of the past were on scheduled timers so they’ll sit there and just go off whether it’s raining or its not," Mattifield said.

It may also pay to upgrade outdated appliances…

Dishwashers, refrigerators, and laundry machines account for about 13% of a household’s energy costs!

"Energy star appliances can save you 40-60 dollars a year on your bills just from the less energy that they use," said Mattifield

The energy star logo will tell if a product is considered energy efficient by the e-p-a.

Top things off with a smart bulb set-up like the Phillips hue… It can set a schedule…. Like shutting off lights at bed time.

"If you have some of these devices your provider might offer you a rebate for just having the device," said Mattifield.

Potentially saving you some green, by going green.

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